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I had my first treatment with Julie this week and it was amazing. Thank you!  - Carrie Pederson Gataiant


I participated in the Self Care Toolbox Challenge in June/July of 2021. The  program was easy to understand and very interactive. Julie was knowledgeable,positive,and caring throughout the 6 week program. She was very responsive with program content when different “ life” situations came up.

​I am grateful Julie introduced me to Qigong and many other new life skills and healthy habits. The process of the program was very organic and I didn’t even realize I was making a shift. Thanks for a great 6 weeks Julie! - Chelan Barnes

I have known Julie for a very long time, she has always been responsible,  honest, hard working and a friend  that is always there  and so very wise and loving.

​When I called her one day very upset and emotional  she responded so quickly and was able to help me calm down and I could go about my day very much relieved. I had never known anything about Reiki,  but I was so relived and was able to go on with my day.  The one thing that really settled in me was she was so calm and attentive too my needs not asking what I was upset over but just concerned with my mental condition and what she could do right away to help me cope.  I found that amazing and within ten minutes I had calmed down and relaxed and she helped me ground and centre myself. It was important to her that she was confident within herself to calm me and show me how to calm myself.  I did go for another session in her office and it was just so peaceful and I had a real sense of her gentle spirit as she led me through the session. ​I would not hesitate to have others learn more about what she can do.  This is a very healthy approach to our mental Health.  - Brenda Ramsay

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